07 2014

How to Grow Taller Written By Kavita

The formative years of a human being are very important for growth. Medical studies have shown that human beings undergo a lot of growth in height, especially during puberty. However, as one approaches the age of 21 years, the process begins to decline gradually. The reason why you grow taller is because you have genes from your parents that make it natural. Moreover, height is determined by the environment of growth. More specifically, the dietary choices you make, and the postures you adopt contribute your height. In essence, it is possible to increase your height after you are past 21 years of age, even though minimally.

There are a number of ways through which one can increase his or her height. To begin with, you need to eat foods that can promote growth. Such foods promote the growth of muscles and bones. The essential minerals needed for this purpose include zinc, vitamin D and calcium, in addition to proteins. It is also prudent to take Vitamin C because it boosts the immune system to overcome diseases that may retard growth. In addition, any harmful substances that you eat can curtail your ability to grow taller. To this end, ensure you reduce your intake of alcoholic beverages or do away with the altogether. As for tobacco products, do not even try them.

It also necessary to ensure you rest adequately. Sleeping adequately gives your body an atmosphere conducive to growth. It is said that children grow when they are sleeping. The same is applicable in your effort to grow taller. Do not strain your body. After a considerable duration of work, take time to relax. Rejuvenate your body daily. In addition, you need to engage in activities that will stimulate your growth hormones. These include taking hot showers.

A number of inches of height are hidden in your slouching frame. You need to stretch your body as much as possible. You have to adopt and upright walking position to grow taller. You also need to engage in exercises that stretch your spine. Once the spine is upright, you will gain a few more inches. An upright posture is also positive for your interaction with people and for self-confidence. Engage the services of a trainer so that you only engage in exercises that can help you grow taller. Remember that not all exercises you engage in will increase your height.

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